Advice for Students

Probably mostly a collation of emails I have written to people over the years. Hope you find something useful!

Making up for hallway conversations during time of Covid, promoting Ask culture, one blog post at a time!



Transitioning my Twitter account

January 02, 2021

I’ve been on and off Twitter for over a decade, and have recently decided to deactivate my personal account (@emmatosch) and transition over to using my professional account (@toschemma) exclusively, effective 1/12/20. This post walks through my rationale; it’s less social media quit-lit and more of a reflection of how I need to update how I see me to be more in line with how others will see me in my new job.


Advising Expectations Basics

December 15, 2020

While I’ve mentored many students over the years, I’m entering a new phase in my career where I will be officially advising graduate students. This post is a first pass on what that means to me.


Regarding Graduate Student Service

December 14, 2020

People who know me know that I am a huge proponent of treating academia as work. However, we do not work in a system that is particularly compatible with a modern notion of labor. The following advice attempts to balance how things should work (i.e., compensating people on the basis of their labor) with how they actually work (i.e., the reliance on unpaid work that is high value but not valued highly).


Forms of address

December 10, 2020

Updated 12/13/20

Choosing the wrong forms of address is the fastest way to make a bad impression over email. However, it is one based on norms and therefore is not typically explicitly taught.

In the general case, we can capture how you should choose the form of address via flow chart: